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Should I Circumcise My Child? A Urologist Responds

How we see the world shapes who we choose to be — and sharing compelling experiences can frame the way we treat each other, for the better. This is a powerful perspective. When soon-to-be parents find out they’re having a boy, they don’t usually run to a urologist for advice about whether or not to circumcise their child. In my experience, most parents’ first point of contact on the topic is their pediatrician. That said, while a pediatrician can help shed light on the subject of circumcision, i

This Urologist’s Diet and Exercise Plan for Erectile Dysfunction

Many young men ask this doctor for medication — but that’s only a temporary fix. Thanks to the advent of smartphones and the internet, men may find themselves even more under pressure to adapt to society’s expectation of what life should look like. Technology has connected us to one another in a way generations before could never have imagined. In medicine and science, we’re making the impossible happen as stem cell research and robotics gain traction. There’s also a tremendous downside to these

Perspective | Sometimes, my urology patients bring a companion with them to their office visit. Sometimes, that’s a mistake.

The person you talk to about your reproductive organs often becomes more than just a doctor who examines and treats you. That person may become a confidant — someone you trust to let into the most intimate space in your life.

When stress is a factor in my diagnosis and treatment, for instance in cases of sexual dysfunction or male infertility, I talk to my patients about their work and home lives, as well as their hobbies. I learn about my patients’ personal and professional lives. Because of t

Doctors say summer is kidney stone season. Here’s why.

With temperatures heating up, thoughts turn to beach days, cooling drinks and much-awaited vacations. For urologists, however, the coming of summer signals something else: kidney stones.

It’s true: Kidney stones have been associated with warmer weather in the United States and worldwide. And kidney stone season may be getting even longer with the effects of climate change and global warming — especially in already warm climates. This is caused, at least in part, from dehydration due to increase

Doctors say summer is kidney-stone season. Here’s what you should know.

Other foods you may want to avoid: most kinds of nuts, beets, tea and, I'm very sorry to say, chocolate. Alas, these foods have high concentrations of oxalate that contribute to stone formation, especially in people prone to the condition. High urine oxalate levels aren't always due to how much calcium you eat, but rather how much sodium you ingest. This is because salt keeps calcium from being reabsorbed from the urine into the blood.

As a doctor, I’m worried by your post-pandemic sexual behavior

As a medical student and later as a resident in rotations, I read about, but never actually saw, congenital syphilis (mother-to-child transmission of syphilis). It’s just that rare — and according to the WHO, worldwide, congenital syphilis is declining (albeit slowly). But according to a report by the CDC, in the US it's up 279 percent from 2015. And other STIs are also up: since 2015, syphilis is up 74 percent, chlamydia 19 percent and gonorrhea is up 56 percent. For physicians, those numbers a

Opinion: I'm a Mexican doctor and on the Day of the Dead, I’ll honour those lost to Covid-19

I received the call on a Saturday in June: “Del Rosario, tomorrow you switch to Covid-1 therapy”. It took me by surprise. I imagined the worst. I thought of all the images I’d seen of doctors and nurses around the world exhausted and caring for an overflow of patients and colleagues. I’ve been thinking about death nonstop since March.

Before March of 2020 I was working as a urologist in the Mexican Navy in the country's second-largest naval hospital, in Veracruz. Like most countries around the

Dealing with a child's bed-wetting during the pandemic

Social distancing restrictions mean some parents and children are spending more time together as families. At the same time, we're feeling the stressful demands of working from home while home-schooling kids and keeping up with household chores.

As a urologist and parent of two very young children, I see this extra time at home and altered schedules as an opportunity to work with kids on bed-wetting. Even as states begin to open up, things still aren't back to normal - we aren't getting up earl

Opinion: Here in Mexico, coronavirus is the least of our problems

While the international media has focused most of its coverage of Covid-19 on the global north and China, in the global south we are also are dealing with the first cases of the virus. But it’s not the first time people here in Mexico have been exposed to potentially lethal imported illnesses. During the conquest of Mexico between 1519 and 1521, Spanish troops brought smallpox with them to the Americas, killing over two million indigenous people. In 1918, the Spanish flu killed between 300,000 a

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Marcos Del Rosario Santiago is a board certified urologist living and working in Mexico. He has been published in the Washington Post, Independent UK, PBS, Chicago Tribune, Healthline, and more. 

His professional website can be found at: urologoenveracruz.com